STADEN Last Generation
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STADEN Last Generation



This pkg is a fork of STADEN 1993 v12.1. Currently, I fixed the bug for compiling, but not completely.


You should clone this repo and cd to the repo get the $pkgname via pwd

# build easy
for pkgalone in ted newted abi alf Misc cop convert expGetSeq frog getMCH indexseqlibs bap/osp-bits
cd $pkgname/src/$pkgalone

# compile x related
cd $pkgname/src/staden
make mep dap sap splitp1 splitp2 splitp3 gip sethelp convert_project sapf nipf xmep xdap xsap
cd $pkgname/src/bap
make bap xbap
for pkgalone in vepe update_subclones scf
cd $pkgname/src/$pkgalone

Or you can get this pkg from BioArchLinux repo.


Following pkgs need your hands.

  • nip

  • sip

  • rep

  • lip

  • vep

  • nipl

  • pipl

  • sipl

  • xnip

  • xpip

  • xsip


  • Copyright (c) 1993 MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC), UK. BSD License.

  • Copyright (c) 2023~ Everyone. GPL License.