dot config files for Wayland compositor wayfire, including vim, waybar, wf-shell, wayfire, etc.
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Configure README

To use this dot file, you need to install these packages. For Arch Linux users you can use my repository.


  • fcitx5 [input]

  • geary [email]

  • gnome-keyring [keyring]

  • greetd [display manager daemon]

  • greetd-tuigreet [display manager]

  • grim [screenshot]

  • kdeconnect [connect your mobbilephone and PC]

  • mako [notification]

  • nwg-launchers: nwgbar [logout lock restart shutdown UI], nwggrid [applications menu]

  • slurp [select a region, help screenshot]

  • swaylock [lock screen]

  • tilix [terminal]

  • waybar [bar]

  • wf-info [select a window, help screenshot and screencast]

  • wf-recorder [screencast]

  • wf-roundedcorners [windows decoration]

  • wf-shell: wf-background [background], wayland-logout [logout]

  • wl-clipboard [clipboard]

  • wofi [launcher]


  • blueberry [bluetooth management GUI]

  • networkmanager [network management tui]

  • pavucontrol [volume control GUI]

  • ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols [font for waybar]


  • vim-wayland-clipboard [for vim clipboard]

  • config /etc/enviroment file




Use My Arch Linux Repository

Add the following content to the /etc/pacman.conf

Server =$arch

install GPG keyring to use my repository

# pacman-key --recv-keys B1F96021DB62254D
# pacman-key --finger B1F96021DB62254D
# pacman-key --lsign-key B1F96021DB62254D

then sync the database

# pacman -Syu

install all pkgs you need

# pacman -Sy $(curl -sS