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Oblong is self-explanatory; just call it without arguments.

For Mac or Linux, you may have to make the file executable; open a command shell, go to the directory where oblong-linux or oblong-mac is, and type "chmod a+x oblong ".

You can rename binaries; the program does not keep track of its own name.

Notes for compilation

For Linux or Mac:

gcc -lm -O3 -o oblong -DBITS64 oblong.c

For linux, you may have to add "/usr/lib/libm.a"
after "oblong.c" (the library containing calls to
some math functions).

For Windows (Watcom):

create a project, and define (under Options/C compiler switches)
a macro "WATCOM" under "Source switches" --this is so that
the program will use functions in the Watcom library, enabling
it to handle larger files.